Why do you think NFTs are so hot right now?

Would love to hear your thoughts about NFTs, and which are your favourites?

In my opinion NFT's in their current form are almost completely useless. They exist only because the greater fool exists. An NFT of a stock animal body with randomized accessories is in no way more valuable than a .jpg of the same animal. The value comes from the perceived scarcity, and until the world evolves to a point to legally recognize authenticity via blockchain the only use they have is to maybe sell them later for profit.  At some point in the future NFT's will exist to exchange value in various forms, quickly and securely, but currently we see them used only, in the best case, for purchasing digital art that is in no way more secure as an NFT, or the worst case, blatant money laundering. 

Interesting perspective! Thank you for sharing.

I think NFTs are pretty weird way in making money. But spend some of my investment money on them, and got cool profits from them.

My favourite NFT is Enjin. Still holding it until now.

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