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WadzPay Token (WTK) Update

Christmas came early for WTK holders!

WTK Update (as at 16th December, 2021)

We are happy to confirm that all work on the new contract has been completed, and that it has successfully passed a rigorous audit. We will make the audit report available soon via our website.
- New contract: DONE
- Audit: DONE
- Contract deployment: 18th December
- Send, Receive, Trade functions will be disabled over 19th, 20th, 21st December
- The swap will be executed during the above dates
- All functions will be reinstated on both exchanges on 22nd
- Token Burn will take place on 23rd Dec
- Whitepaper v2.0: DONE, awaiting legal reviews and will be out soon
- XDC Network Bridge: in progress, will be going live this month

As previously communicated, holders do not need to take any action to benefit from the token swap.

It is said that transactions and all deposits and withdrawals will be suspended on the 19th, 20th, and 21st, but is the date based on the Eastern Standard Time?

The date is based on Singapore Time/Hong Kong Time (GMT +8)

(as at 19th December, 2021)

- The swap is still proceeding as per the communicated schedule
- Due to technicalities, trading and wallet functions on Bitrue has not been halted yet. We are awaiting a response for when that issue can be sorted
- To make sure the swap goes smoothly, we remind users not to make transfers from 19th Dec 00:00hrs until 21st Dec 23:59hrs (SGT/HKT)
- All holders will receive their new WTK tokens by the 22nd Dec
- We remind you that no action at all is necessary and we can't wait for you to receive your new WTK tokens

Token burn is obviously delayed, do you know new date
Token burn is obviously delayed, do you know new date

Hello! Thanks for your patience.

On January 7th, WadzPay successfully performed its first token burn with the newly reduced supply now at 249,750,000.

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