How to create an account in WadzPay:

  1. User needs to download the WadzPay App from Playstore or Apple store.
  2. Tap on the “Create Account” Button.

  3. User need to select the country and enter their mobile number for verification. Tick the check boxes if you agree to them and then the “Next” Button.
  4. The user will receive a 6-digit Code to their phone number through SMS. Upon entering the valid code and clicking on the “Next” button, they will be redirected to the Account Details Screen.
  5. On the Accounts Details Screen, the user needs to enter a valid Email address and set a password, which they then need to repeat to confirm accuracy.  After clicking on the Next button, the user will be redirected to Verify Email screen. The special instructions for character requirements within the password will be displayed on screen. The user will receive an email from WadzPay Support Team to their registered email address with a 6 digit code. 
  6. After entering the valid code which they would have received to their email and clicking on the Next Button, the user will be redirected to the Account Created Screen.  
  7. After clicking on The Next Button, the user will be redirected to the Enable Notifications Screen. 
  8. After tapping on Enable Button, the user’s mobile device system will send notifications to them and then they should be redirected to Dashboard Screen. (the Notification Center is WIP). If tapping on the Skip Hyperlink, the system will not allow notifications and the user will simply be redirected to the Dashboard Screen.