Step 1: Install the XDCPay Extension in Chrome. Import your XDC Network wallet into XDC’s extension if you did not create your wallet via XDCPay.

Step 2: Take a note of your BSC wallet address. If using Metamask, please disable this extension due to a conflict with XDCPay wallet.

Step 3: Go to the WadzPay Bridge, and select FROM: XDC, TO: Binance-Smart-Chain; enter your desired transfer amount, and your BSC Wallet’s destination address. If using Metamask, your BSC Wallet address will be the same as for Ethereum’s.

Step 4: Click ‘Connect XDCPay’. 


Step 5: You will now see the functions to approve, and then swap your tokens. After clicking Approve, wait for the popup, the gas fees to populate and then grant approval to the swap contract to access your WTK. Approval only needs to be granted once for each contract type. Please be patient while waiting for the popup. 

Step 6: Select ‘Swap’, wait for XDCPay to popup (be patient), then the gas fees to populate, and confirm the transaction.

Step 7: After the transaction has been confirmed, re-enable Metamask, change the network to Smart Chain, and add the WTK BSC contract address to see your WTK balance. Please be patient while the swap is executed.

If you do not have Smart Chain on your Metamask network list please follow these instructions: