WadzPay bridge allows you to swap your Ethereum ERC-20 based tokens for XDC Network and Binance Smart Chain BSC tokens.  We believe in an interoperable world of payments, and in giving you the choice to decide which network best suits your use cases. 

WadzPay Bridge URL: https://bridge.wadzpay.com/ 

The bridge supports Metamask, Binance Wallet and XDCPay wallets. 

Important notes: 

  • Please do not send your XDC Network or Binance Smart Chain WTK tokens to exchange wallets until the exchanges announce support. 
  • Please be patient when executing bridge-related functions. Due to limitations with some digital currency wallets, and network speed bottlenecks, the speed at which various functions are executed will vary. 
  • We will not be responsible for tokens lost or excess gas fees as a result of user error. 

    We recommend using a computer with Chrome browser for ease of use and compatibility.