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WTK - general questions


You could answer me directly to if you don't want answers to be public. 

First of all I'm Simon Rousseau, a passionnate IoT entrepreneur (North America)... We will probably chat often in next few months as I've invested in your project throught bitmart.

Must say that having a way to communicate with your team is an awesome news thank's!

#1 To avoid pick drop in the WTK token price on bitmart... did you plan to explain how you're partnership with mastercard, tomochain, blockshere are evolving, how are you partner and why those partneship will push WTK to 1$ in a year from now. Did you know that by buying back some tokens (1 millions), you could easily make price go up again and make the project shine in a short matter of time Holders are starting to really holding !

#2 Since a couple of days, micro trades (limit buy/sell less then 100 WTK) continully appearing on Bitmart order books... Kind of polluating and lating to holders and traders that there is a bot that just manipulating the WTK transaction volume or steal funds... Briefly, this is a threat to the credibility of the WTK project and team. Did those transactions are related to new WTK token injected in the market ? Or those transactions are related to the team that test the WTK token in application... If so, those test should probably be done in the bitmart test network API. Briefly, could you explain this or why there is no more transaction volume since last thuesday on bitmart ?

#3 What is your plan to make the number of WTK wallet grow ? There is only 480-540 wallets at the moment... if you want adoption... you should reach 10-20 000 wallet at least... and by making that happen... the coin will shine more :D

I had couple of thousand invested in the project and hope it will help WTK reach 1$ and also make WTK project shine and grow... like my investment !

Have a nice day !

Simon Rousseau

Thanks so much for the support and some great questions: 

1. Yes, we are going to keep you updated (as much as we are allowed about the developments of our partnerships. A lot more news is coming sooner than you can imagine!

2. We are aware and looking into this, and checking with the exchange. 

3. This number refers to the wallets which are currently not held on exchanges. There are likely significantly more wallets on both of the exchanges. We also do have plans to increase the total number of wallets especially after WTK is available on more protocols.

 Thanks for the support again!

Evening ladies & gentlemen. This is my list of burning questions, oh and trust me they are actually hot. 1) Which merchants currently accept WadzPay? According to Q4 2020 roadmap, over 100 Merchants in Indonesia would accept WadzPay, though nobody is listed on the website. Everything is like "coming soon". 2) Where can I get a WadzPay pre-paid card? Again according to Q4 2020 roadmap, they would be available in Singapore but I can't find any info about that either.
3) Why it seems that there are 2 types of website available? Example: And why on both pages nothing is clickable, just something that it seems like "claims", I mean this is generic. You claim that 100-300 merchants are on board and nobody is listed officially or accepting WadzPay yet? 4) One Pager claims that there are as of now (That's sometime in 2020 I suppose) over 1.000 merchants and also exchanges listings but yet again we are in Q4 2021 and the only listing that happened between 2020 and 2021 was Bitrue a few weeks ago? 5) Again One Pager claims that there will be in Q1 2021 Prepaid cards issued by 2 of the largest issuers in the world? Which are these 2 issuers and how can I get a WadzPay prepaid card? 6) Last but not least, what are the addresses of the WadzPay Offices? According to the website there are currently offices in Singapore (which city exactly?), Delhi, Dubai, Zurich, Johannesburg and also in Jakarta (I suppose thats the Global HQ?), Bali, Slovakia (where in Slovakia?), British Virgin Islands. "WadzPay is a global company, established in Singapore in 2018. Use our map to find out where we have offices and team members, or are expanding to. " Where's the map? Web page: PS. Last but not least, why AppStore / Google Play Store pictures doesn't work and won't redirect me anywhere?

Thank you for your questions. We have done our best to address your points below however, please note that for confidentiality and privacy reasons there are some areas where we are unable to share more specific details. 

1. Our business has shifted fundamentally from a B2C focus where we intended to have our own branded App as a hero product, and merchant network, to a B2B focus, where we provide the technology and infrastructure to large partners. These partners white-label our product offerings which can include having us build custom Apps for them, offer pre-paid cards, POS and more. 

2. As per the above, we provide pre-paid cards as a white-label solution to our partners, who can use the cards for their customer bases to enable digital currency transactions. We do not put our branding on these cards at present, as our customers want their own branding. 

3. You seem to be looking at archived pages. /where-to-wadzpay is our current version. With our partners' networks, transactions can already occur at their merchant networks. Their infrastructure is indeed powered by WadzPay and multiple digital currencies are already supported.  

4. Point 1 addresses your first part of the question. That roadmap refers to the BitMart listing, and we are currently listed on two exchanges which you pointed out. 

5. We are unable to directly name the issuers. WadzPay prepaid cards are not available, but WadzPay powered cards are available for issuance by our partners. Again, these aren't branded as WadzPay but these utilise their branding. 

6. The global HQ is in Singapore’s CBD. We have removed the map as it had some mobile compatibility issues (appreciate you pointing out the wording, we will update that now), if you scroll below you'll see the full list of locations including where the headquarters are.  

PS. The about us page you refer to is an archived version, the correct URL as accessible from our homepage is:

Thank you for taking the time to address my questions, I really appreciated. 

How does this whole B2B thing work then? What's the role of WTK Token in the space and your infrastructure? 

Regarding the office questions, still there are no addresses available for these offices? Since they exist shouldn't also be listed under their addresses? 

Last but not least, who are these partners? I can't see them anywhere. Even the /where-to-wadzpay page is a generic page with generic images that lead to nowhere. 

"You can now start paying at WadzPay-powered merchants across the world!"

Pay where and to who? 

Once again thank you for taking the time to address my questions.

Kind regards


I do think that listing your white label partners that do actually use your global partner infrastructure / powered card would be a nice add-on to your portfolio/web site.

They should be proud of being part of your crypto venture and that could make both of you shine !

Briefly, don't be shy to show off your achievements !


Simon Rousseau






Good evening team, We are interested in buying wtk for our business internally, we are in Australia and wonder if you will have wtk available on coins pot and binance Australia any time soon? Kind Regards

Currently WTK is listed on BitMart and Bitrue, so it can only be bought on BitMart and Bitrue.

WTK will be introduced into the WadzPay App soon.

We are exploring launching on other exchanges in the future. Follow our social media channels to be first to know when the plans are announced.  

This response is an update on WTK and should not be considered as financial advice, solicitation, offer or recommendation or any security, investment management or advisory service to investors or potential investors. It does not constitute investment, tax or legal advice. All investments involve significant risk. You should seek independent financial and legal advice before acting on any information and ensure compliance with any and all applicable local laws and regulations.

Hello, i would like to ask, where to store Wadzpay token.
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