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Details about the 100m+ volume spoke of from staz (Pt2)

 First, I would like to say thanks to the team for responding. I recently posted a topic here asking if the 100m+ in volume spoke about from the first AMA was still valid today and "on schedule". 

Today i have more specific questions about this use case talked about here:

""This movement coincides with a partner launch, a gaming partner, with whom we will have 55,000 wallets. The required settlement currency is USDT and WTK. We are also testing the capability of remittance corridors between UAE and Philippines, UAE and Thailand, Saudi Arabia and Indonesia. These programs are expected to go live in Nov/Dec this year. The expected volumes from these programs, will be upwards of USD$100mil in processed transactions in 2021 itself (with the fee payable in WTK). Such spikes can be expected to enable testing, as well as liquidity once live. These spikes in activity may also be seen on partner/paired tokens of WTK.""

1. Is this volume going to be processed with WTK? As in, will WTK be a requirement for all of these transactions?

2. Will this impact the markets WTK is on?

Sometimes a successful success does not always mean a successful cryptocurrency. I am wondering if the team plans on merging these 2 together, so that both can succeed. 

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