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Frontera NFT Characters Reveal

Introducing all the RARE characters of Frontera NFTs! Exclusively on WadzPay Forum.  

On the side note, have you participate on Frontera discord quiz?

Be the winner of a total pool of 200 USDT every Tuesday with final round on 17 May.

1. Participate in the quiz by using your Telegram or Discord username
2. Join Frontera Discord and Telegram

And stay with us to 20 May 2022

Let's play and earn your prize with us! Note, reward distribution 25 May 2022.

Quiz mechanism:

Every tuesday, 9PM UTC+7 for four weeks starting from 26 April

8:55PM kahoot room link will be shared on discord #general and member join the waiting room using their discord or telegram username.

9PM the quiz will go live

There will be 10 questions that cover public knowledge about frontera such as latest company invested in frontera, public sale date, mining mechanics, etc

There are four choices of answer. Most of the questions have single correcr answer but some might have multiple.

Participant can see their ranking after they completed the quiz.

Admin will display top 10 ranks of that round on discord and ask for BEP20 wallet address.

Name: 1C3-B3RG

Story: Looking completely innocent, 1C3-B3RG can really pack in some damage if you don’t notice him in time. And when he doesn’t get the attention she deserves, gets really angry, his ice-chips flying off to turn into new, and very icy, pieces of iceberg that don’t melt on the tough Fronterian surface.

(39.3 KB)
(80.5 KB)
(123 KB)

Name: 4R-M0R

Story: Like a bad dream 4R-M0R is the thunderingly loud mechas stomping around, always looking for a fight. If you hear him coming through the darkness, run. Hatched from the metallic earth, 4R-M0R doesn’t have a family, that he knows of. With armour for skin, he feeds on the metallic sparks that rain down on Frontera during particularly intense periods of cosmic activity. When the skies are quiet, he sleeps with a snore that sounds like the entire parts of a factory in motion.

(275 KB)
(545 KB)
(480 KB)

Name: BU-LL (Wadzpay)

Story: If anyone is having a good time on Frontera it’s BU-LL. With a work-hard, play-hard mindset, BU-LL takes charge (literally) when he sees something he thinks could be useful in his little corner of the Frontera-verse. With his battle-weapon machete always at the ready, BU-LL isn’t averse to a good joke. Tell him one, and he might slash open a path you never noticed before.

(189 KB)

Name: F0-X

Story: With sniffer-senses that are just out of this world, F0-X can smell anything that stinks of injustice out of this world. Always on the side of good, this one lights up like an orange beacon when things are going his way.

(45.4 KB)
(47.4 KB)
(73.7 KB)

Name: R00-5TER

Story: Clucking away is R00-5TER, who just cannot keep quiet. The more excited she gets, the more she clucks, the more her eyes light up – and boom, burn!’s lazer-green-eyes light up to burn through even the toughest of surfaces. You definitely want her on your team.

(41.2 KB)
(67.8 KB)
(66.4 KB)
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