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WTK and XDC Network

Hey, so i know that the team plans on implementing the xdc network to its protocol, but i am wondering 2 things about this.

1. Will it be a full merge to xdc network that requires a swap? Like how xdce was on erc-20 but when it went native, they required users to swap it to the XDC chain. 

2. Or will it be like how some coins have different chains that are bridgeable. For example, how USDT has ETH/BNB/TRX chain etc. Or how some coins may use protocols to wrap their coin.

Please wait for an official announcement from the WadzPay/XinFin teams about the full details about how WTK will be available on the XRC20 protocol. You will also learn some further details during our AMA with the XDC community on November 9.

Jacqueline Susanto: Could you post the link or invitation to the 9 november AMA ? Thk's and have a nice day !

We will post the announcement on our social media. In the meantime, you can check out this tweet: :)

This response is an update on WTK and should not be considered as financial advice, solicitation, offer or recommendation or any security, investment management or advisory service to investors or potential investors. It does not constitute investment, tax or legal advice. All investments involve significant risk. You should seek independent financial and legal advice before acting on any information and ensure compliance with any and all applicable local laws and regulations.

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