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As ATH always reach higher level each 2-3 weeks in the last month and a half... it should not be so hard for WTK team to make WTK token reach a 1$ ATH and show off to the crypto world that Wadzpay is the way to go !!!

So, what's next ? Holders would be more than happy to get some loves from the WTK team after last week drop. Make this new week and WTK shine in the crypto univers ! 

We do know that a 1$ ATH will require a lot of investments, but in the crypto world... nothing is impossible!


Simon Rousseau

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Please, on behalf of every single person that holds WTK, stop posting these threads telling them to manipulate their own coin just so you can make a bit of money after you bought at ATH. You're helping no one, and you're making all of us look stupid. 

I agree, i think positive price of the currency is important though, but im only worried about this when it relates to usecase!

Id rather have our price go up because of the remittances or the partnership applications, rather than the team wasting money on temporary fixes. Its no point when all that is going to happen is earlier and short term investors cashing out.

Id rather see burns, partnership applications, remittances bringing in volume and price action because in this way the wtk ecosystem can stay stable and constant buying pressure can regulate the sell pressure.

Id also rather see buybacks because of these applications rather than the team stressing itself out and doing pointless marketing because of people panicking over low prices.


Thank's all for your feedbacks !

After review, I must agree that my previous post can be interpreted as "let's go throw away hard earned money" 

So, I think I need to recap ;)

  • Buying back or burn a lot of coins will just result in a temporary fix. As you've said it will be a "waste of money" !

  • I do know that crypto investments are risky and taking a -50% to -100% on some investments are certainly not fun, but it's a part of the game!

  • I do believe in WTK after I've done my own researchs. And I can afford that temporary or permanent lost. Only time will tell us the WTK story and that's fine.

That said, I was meanning by "Showing some love": Tell us more about why investors should keep going their WTK investments and keep faith in the WTK future! 

This will help the WTK token and community to be healthy at short and long terms!

By doing this, there will be less massive WTK coins drops/cash out and that's might be good for both WTK team/community/partners.

A crypto token that shine will certainly be a good sell argument to gather more B2B partnerships and more crypto investors ?

Here are some ideas that might lead to less massive cash out :

  1. Be more verbose about upcomming roadmap (Already post on another forum thread)

    Ex: - Expose a 3 months roadmap on website
           - Inform crypto news websites of WTK upcoming events

  2. Be more verbose about partnership upcoming events without breaking up NDAs (A couple of WTK fellows also propose this on other forum thread)

    In last AMA, we've been inform that a gaming partner will lauch a game that will use WTK by the end of the year.

    Without telling us who is this partner and/or game to not break some NDAs, could we know at
    least the projected lauch date ?

  3. WTK now focus on B2B and it's a good move !

    B2B relationships should be disclosed as often as possible to let investors see the results of WTK team hardworks! If I got the good infos from AMA, a couple of white label partnerships are already up and running, tell us more please that really interresting.

  4. Some peoples from foreign country, like myself, can't download/install Wadzpay app.

    We're blinded about what the Wadzpay app do currently offer. Would be nice to have a live demo or a real app use case video.

  5. The last real use cases shown on the pressroom is from 30 october 2019 *Asia’s #1 DJ Duo, Rave Republic, First in Asia to Accept Cryptocurrencies on Wadz Platform"

    That was a nice use case to show up. But, I do hope that since 2019 that some other use cases could be publiched in this section?

On the other side, WTK team had achieve some amazing moves/works last month and the team need to be applaused for those:

- Building up this forum to let the community and WTK team stay connected

- Quick team expension with a lot of talented people joining the WTK venture

- More active communications throught different channels

- Behind the scene developpements that will lead to amazing upcoming news (XinFin...)

Have a nice day great WTK community!

Simon Rousseau


















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