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AMA Response from Nov 9th

Hello Wadzpay team, hope you're doing well. 

I just had a question about an answer Anish gave during the Nov 9th AMA with Blockchain Hustle as it relates to the answer in the recent AMA Summary tweeted by Wadzpay. 

2. More exchange listings needed urgently?

We can’t discuss specifics about future exchange listings, but this is one of our priorities.

From the LIVE AMA I seem to remember Anish saying that exchanges were not a top priority as they had recently listed on Bitrue, and that we could maybe expect a new exchange in 2022 Q1 if needed.   Just wondering if this was a deliberate change in direction or just a change in wording. Thank you!


Hi Daniel!

I'm guessing you have read this content:

And thank you for watching the AMA. Please wait for any announcement regarding exchange listings on our official social media accounts.

WTK is currently available on the BitMart and Bitrue exchanges.

This response is an update on WTK and should not be considered as financial advice, solicitation, offer or recommendation or any security, investment management or advisory service to investors or potential investors. It does not constitute investment, tax or legal advice. All investments involve significant risk. You should seek independent financial and legal advice before acting on any information and ensure compliance with any and all applicable local laws and regulations.

Thanks for replying Jaqueline. Anish said it was not a priority, but in the re cap it says it is a priority. So can you please confirm if it’s a priority or not?
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