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Bitmart Recovery

We have had some productive discussions with Bitmart Exchange regarding the hack that occurred on BitMart on 5th December. We have a recovery plan in place with the principle that all WTK investors who may have lost tokens during the hack will not be affected. 

This is part of WTK's commitment to put our investors first. We completely understand that this is a stressful period for those holding WTK on BitMart and hope that you will now have some peace of mind. Details will be announced this week.

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To our valued WTK community,

We would like to thank you all for your patience following the hack that happened on BitMart. Thank you also for your messages of support. It has been a sleepless week and we're very glad that in the end there will be no impact to our token distribution, despite their hack.

The new contract is ready however swapping old tokens to new tradable ones is a complicated exercise. It requires coordination with two exchanges along with airdrops to multiple partners, investors and merchant wallets.

Since all of the above will be one simultaneous deployment, we are dependent on aligning resources with the exchanges, and deployment teams to ensure the final leg of token distribution.

We expect the entire process will be seamless and complete by December 18th. As previously mentioned, no further action is currently required by WTK holders.

We appreciate your patience and support.

Thank you!

tenho token na bitmart como vai ficar minha situação 

I have token on bitmart how will my situation be?


I used BitMart to buy and sell $WTK, and haven't been able to get my money or tokens back. It doesn't let me go to the trade option or anything; I had an open order. When am I going to be able to retrieve the money? Could you please help me?

Thanks in advance, 


Dear WTK Community,

After a sleepless holiday period, we are very happy to announce that the WTK Airdrop has officially and successfully been completed from our side.

As previously explained, no action whatsoever is needed from WTK holders: we made sure that the swap is seamless. Thank you for listening to these previously shared instructions: you all made the whole process a lot easier!

We are awaiting confirmation from the two exchanges on when they can resume trading and wallet functions. To avoid confusion, we will share the new contract address after confirmations from the exchanges. Please make sure that you take note of your new wallet addresses (if the exchange decides to provide you a new address) once the functions open up.

We will publish a simple guide on how to add the new tokens to your soft (e.g. Metamask) or hard (e.g. Ledger) wallets soon.

We thank you for your support, passion and patience through this period. We hope that you'll be very happy with the outcome and that, as promised, everyone will be able to retain their beloved WTK tokens despite all the challenging circumstances!

Happy holidays to everyone!

Dear WTK Community,

We are pleased to announce that from tomorrow the full array of WTK-related services will be back and available! Please refer to: for a FAQ detailing our token swap/airdrop, as well as how you can see your updated WTK tokens on various non-exchange wallets.

All Bitrue and non-exchange related services are back to normal. BitMart's schedule for the resumption of services is as follows:
Deposit feature: LIVE
Trade feature: 12/28/2021 09:00 AM (EST)
Withdrawal feature: 12/29/2021 05:00 AM (EST)

For all exchange-related enquiries and troubleshooting, please contact the respective exchanges. For other enquiries, please ensure that you read our FAQ first. If you have not received your airdropped WTK, then please contact support via

Thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for your support through this period. We are super pleased that we were able to protect everyone's WTK assets.

With the token swap completed, our next priority is in launching the XDC Network bridge which will be available soon, as well as the new whitepaper.

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