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Announcements and current situation of Wadzpay/WTK

Hello Wadzpay! I wanted to direct a few questions towards to the team to understand what progress has been made. How are Wadzpay getting on with the remittence corridors as Stas mentioned in his AMA, they were due to be tested and going live on November and December of this year? Are you able to clarify to the community? As, the volume of 100m in $WTK over 2 months is a huge deal making it 600m annually. Great work on DAFABET! | Can I understand what type of relationships you have with Dafabet? How will Wadzpay (WTK) be used with their 55,000 wallets as mentioned again? The token burn is due shortly? Are we still on time to get this done before new year? The bank announcement you’re teasing us with, will this be shared with the community before the end of the year? What a great Christmas present that would be! Is there anything else you can share with the community that we might not be aware or? Thanks so much for everything you’ve done so far, We can’t wait to follow your progress further into 2022.
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Thank you for your support! We can't thank you enough. Please wait for any announcement (soon!) on our official social media channels.

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