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These corridors,exchanges etc

Month 3 into 2022, no corridors opening up 100million of payments from 55,000 dafabet wallets, there's no exchange listings at all, no news of a partnership with banks, only hear say of hiring new team members and an office picture in Singapore. The app doesn't work as you cannot select country. Small following on social media sites it's not a great start to Q1

Hi there! Thank you for the attention. We had a busy Q1 as you can read the updates on our Newsroom, here: and here:

We will announce new partnerships soon. So please stay in touch! Follow our social media channels to be first to know when the plans are announced.

This response is an update on WTK and should not be considered as financial advice, solicitation, offer or recommendation or any security, investment management or advisory service to investors or potential investors. It does not constitute investment, tax or legal advice. All investments involve significant risk. You should seek independent financial and legal advice before acting on any information and ensure compliance with any and all applicable local laws and regulations.

As for the app trouble, please submit a ticket for our CS:

Some countries phone numbers are not enabled on the app, so they won't be able to register on the app.

Thank you!

Is there any chance of us getting a list of accepted countries, countries it doesn't work in, countries that might be coming soon, etc. Downloading an App and not being able to use it when there was never any indication of this being the case is a little frustrating and could easily turn people off from even bothering. Thank you!

We're sorry for your trouble. But we promise to listen to this kind of request/question from our community. We will definitely come up with more comprehensive FAQs in the near future. So, please bear with us. Cheers!

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