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WTK on XDC Network

WadzPay Token (WTK) is available on XinFin’s XDC Network as an XRC20 token marking the next step of our strategic partnership with XinFin!

The XDC Network was selected by WadzPay as the ultimate protocol given its significantly faster transaction speed, negligible gas fees, trade finance use cases and military-grade security!

Go to and convert your WTK ERC-20 tokens into XRC20 tokens.

Exchange support coming soon!  

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Hey..I am really excited about XDC network supporting Wadzpay, I was fortunate enought to get 888WTK from the lucky spin contest on Feb 14, I gave my XDC wallet address (The address to recieve XDC) , the email I recieved showed me how to make contract, I followed the steps, so far I ve been successful in creating WTK contract on ERC 20 and BNC but still couldn't use the contract address to make WTK token on XDC since the address don't start with "0x"and my wallet only supports the contracts that starts with 0x. Please find a solution to help me

Hello! Congratulations on winning WTK from our lucky spin contest. Please contact our customer support here:

to find the solution for the trouble. Thanks!

Hey, I am sorry to trouble you but,I don't have a solution yet, I've check need the FAQ s but nothing regarding my problem

Please import your XDC account into an XDC-supported wallet such as XDC Pay. You will be able to add the WTK contract address there :)

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