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WTK Airdrop

WTK Community,

For every 1 WTK you hold, you receive an additional 1 WTK. All holders are eligible regardless of exchange, or wallet solution. The snapshot was done on 1st July 2022. How was everyone's experience on this?

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Patiently waiting, as I have yet to receive the airdrop for tokens I hold on the Bitmart exchange. Were there unexpected issues that Bitmart is currently in the process of ironing out? Did the Bitmart Airdrop take place so I need to contact Bitmart support to receive my airdropped tokens? Love the project, have been holding WTK since last September and planning to invest in this project for the long term. Any update that anyone can provide on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hello, Scott! Good to hear that you're a loyal supporter for us. From our side, the airdrop to private wallets went out on time. However, we are waiting for exchanges to distribute the airdrop, but we have sent the tokens to them.

Should Bitmart haven't distributed the Airdrop, please contact BitMart support instead. Thank you!

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Hi,Jaquline,I've held WTK right from October through the rise and back through the fall,no worries I'm still holding but about the Airdrop,you said we get 1 token for every token we have on the exchanges,your(WTK)increasing supply from 250M to 1B or 4 times so wouldnt it only be fair to 4X our holdings ?

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Hello! I have been holding WTK since before the airdrop in my private wallet and did not receive the airdrop. How do I connect with someone to receive my tokens? Thank you kindly.

Hello, Alison! You can send an email to our Customer Service:

Here in the Forum, we prefer to discuss a topic with our community. Thank you!

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